Visiting the Tailors in Bangkok - Guide to getting the best suit

Bangkok is, undeniably, one of the world’s most prolific tailoring hubs, but unlike Hong Kong, New York City and others, getting a tailor made suit or outfit in Bangkok is both inexpensive and fast.

Navigating the treacherous ordeal of trying to select a tailor in Bangkok can be arduous. While there are certainly a large number of reputable tailor shops who pride themselves on their quality work, there are those shops who are only interested in duping tourists and doing the least amount of work possible for the most amount of money. Trying to find one of these reputable tailors is not so easy if you’re not familiar with the city or if you don’t already have a solid recommendation. The following tips will help you get a quality product for a reasonable rate.

By all means take the recommendation of a good friend or colleague who has personal experience with a particular tailor. Be wary however, of the word given by taxi drivers or bellboys. Both of these will likely be working on a commission that you will pay as it’ll be worked into the price of your suit. The recommendation given by the taxi driver, bellboy or other similar service personnel may be well intentioned but there’s no guarantee on the level of service or quality you’ll be receiving.

One of the most popular methods of advertising for the less than reputable tailors is the aggressive solicitor that hangs out on the street corner or in front of the shop. These coercive individuals will say just about anything to get you into the shop where you’ll undoubtedly face even more pressure into buying something. Ignoring these people and moving on to a less aggressive storefront will likely result in a much more pleasurable experience.

Many of the larger hotels or hotels of quality will have a tailor shop as part of its offerings. While this certainly won’t be your cheapest option, it will be one that is above board. A shady tailor shop is not going to last long in an upscale hotel and complaints regarding their service or quality of goods will be taken very seriously.

You Get What You Pay For
Getting what you pay for is undeniably true in Bangkok. There are certainly great deals to be had on quality workmanship, but if you’re offered a deal that looks too good to be true then it likely is. Tailors all over the city vie for your business and offer myriad deals to win your business. Special deals and discounts abound; be sure you’re getting a quality garment to go along with that great deal.

When trying out a particular tailor for the first time, show restraint in with your purchases. Buy a limited number of suits or garments and wait until you see how they wear and how they hold up after multiple dry cleanings. Once you’ve aged your garment and are pleased with how it is faring, consider revisiting the tailor to purchase additional garments. There’s nothing worse then spending time and money on a new wardrobe only to find out it doesn’t age well.

Following these simple suggestions should help you find a quality tailor in a city that is full of tailors. Keep your eye out for great deals but don’t let yourself be talked into something you neither want nor need and you’ll come away with a great garment and a pleasurable experience.

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