Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuks are a great way to get around the cities offering hair raising rides, sites and smells, not available in taxis, espeicially in Bangkok, where a taxi can take forty minutes to go a few blocks.

Usually, tourists are offered the choice of paying cash for a journey, or some drivers may suggest you go to a shop and look around for a few minutes, and then he will take you where want to go for free, as they receive a petrol token from the owner for taking a tourist to a shop. Sounds great!

However, be careful. Drivers my be reluctant to take you anywhere after they get their token. I had a driver fake the break-down of his trusty tuk tuk, then drive off when he had got rid of us so he didn't have to take us to our desired destination. All this after 20 minutes of being hastled by desperate pushy men selling silk suits!

Sorry to be synical, but to save yourself time and stress just pay the cash!

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Tuk Tuk Scams

Just to clarify, the Tuk Tuk drivers don't actually receive a petrol token for taking you to these places, they receive a cash sum of around 100baht or so. I know this because a friend of mine spent the day with a Tuk Tuk driver visiting all the gem shops and tailors and they split the cash at the end of the day!

tuk tuks are fun..

Tuk Tuks are fantastic fun it has to be said, and has to be done. The thing is if you are taller that 5'3" you will not see a dame thing that is infront of you (not an altogether bad thing considering the way they drive..hair raising ..) they are also quite difficult to get into (can be a bit of a squeeze) all this said and done you have to go for a ride in at least one during your stay its like a carnival ride on city streets..