Railay Bay

East and West Railay are still quite hidden gems. Lacking the novelty of being an island many travellers write them off. However make the effort and you definitely won't be disappointed. They are a little harder to access than the average islands in that there is no car access and most people get there by using the longtail boats lined up on Krabi Towns beach. Negotiate a fee with the driver and he'll take you there and arrange to pick you up in a few days.

The bays are relatively small and are located on either side of each other much like Koh Phi Phi. Guesthouses are much cheaper here than many other hotspots because of the lower amount of visitors, so for what you pay for a fan room elsewhere will get you air-con here. Nightlife is still pretty good with a good selection of beach bars and late night bars over on the East side of the island. I visited Railay for four days whilst on a break from teaching in Bangkok and after seeing many places in Thailand this remains my favourite beach resort to chill out at. Oh and the climbing is excellent here!

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