Phuket Fantasea

Phuket FantaSea Theme Park is arguably the best and most popular attraction on Phuket. This cultural theme park combines the best of entertainment, amusement, dining and shopping while showcasing the best of Thai culture and heritage.

Made to impress, everything in this theme park is big, bold, ornate and bright. A glittery display of costumes, glitzy elephants, exotic animals, lively carnival games, sumptuous food, international shopping and the crowning glory of the stage show all combine to provide guests with an evening of entertainment that they’ll never forget.

Many hotels on Phuket offer evening-long tours to the FantaSea Theme Park including transportation and dinner. This package is recommended to tourists as the park is large and finding one’s way there and back again can be difficult. These tour packages have all the kinks worked out; your evening will be seamless. You’ll move from one amusement to the next and your evening will culminate with the stage show.

The FantaSea Theme Park offers two different buffet restaurants. The Golden Kinnaree Buffet is the largest of its kind in Asia. With seating for up to 4,000 diners this buffet restaurant is housed in a monstrous building decorated like a Thai palace. The Golden Kinnaree serves a variety of hot and cold dishes in both traditional Thai cuisines as well as international dishes. The décor of the Golden Kinnaree is as wonderful as the food. The golden walls and detailed Thai peaked roof offer myriad photo opportunities. Equally fabulous to look at is the newest buffet restaurant. The Suriyamas Seafood Buffet offers a selection of Thai and International seafood dishes all in an opulent, regal and traditionally Thai setting.

Cameras are an absolute must while exploring FantaSea. The first major photo op comes inside the park entrance at the koi pond. This large pond is filled with many yellow, white and orange koi who dart after the bits of food that visitors toss in to them. The luxury boutique is another great picture in the making. Its dazzling mirrors and brilliant white lights are stunning. The Palace of the Elephants is the main theater and is a replica of a historic Thai palace and is simply begging to be captured on film.

The main show begins at 9p.m. though the doors open at 8:30p.m. for guests to begin taking their seats. Prior to entering guests need to check-in their cameras and any video equipment, and this rule is strictly enforced. The carnival style games, shopping and exploring the areas are great ways to pass the time between dinner and the show.

The performance and stage areas are simply colossal. Every part of the theater is used, from the aisles to the ceiling and even the audience becomes a part of the show. Modern effects such as rain, smoke, lasers and more are combined with traditional Thai costume, dance and music. The animals are the stars of the show. Included in the performance are elephants, roosters, goats, doves and water buffalo. The show is dazzling, entertaining and quintessentially Thai.

The 140 FantaSea Theme Park is a must see on any visit to Phuket. Bring your camera, your appetite and be prepared to be dazzled by this Thai themed Vegas-style show. The park is open daily except for Thursday. You won’t leave disappointed, or hungry.

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