Nightlife in Patong + Phuket Town - The Best Bars + Clubs on the Island

Thailand’s Phuket is jam-packed with pubs and clubs. On Phuket’s west coast, Patong and its self-named beach are famed for having the most diverse and exhilarating nightlife on the island. With a wide array of bars and nightclubs for patrons of all energy levels, Patong is thronged with exciting establishments, most of which are packed until the wee hours.

Located 100 meters from the beach on Bangla Road, Rock City is perhaps Phuket’s most well-known establishment. True to its name, Rock City features live rock music from a mix of cover bands (AC/DC and Metallica-oriented) and internationally known musicians every night. The drink selection is varied and vast.

Tai Pan, at the intersection of Bangla Road and Rat-U-Thit Road, is one of Phuket's hottest nightclubs. For part of the night, Tai Pan is a fusion of bar and pub with live pop and rock music. Later on, it morphs into a disco with games, prizes, and girls on stage. Located right next to Tai Pan, Baya Beach is a smaller, less frenetic club with seating both indoors and outdoors. Baya Beach may be less wild than Tai Pan, but its atmosphere is perpetually festive, and after midnight the establishment is always packed.

At the northern end of Soi Bangla, Seduction Discotheque sometimes hosts famous international DJs. Club-goers groove to R&B on the first floor, while the second level blasts house and dance music from a raised DJ booth smack in the center of the floor. Seduction is a visually engaging club, sporting 7 color-changing chandeliers overhanging the bars, and palm trees surrounding the upstairs DJ stand.

Phuket’s Patong Beach offers a plethora of beer bars. These bars are small, open places that seat around 20 to 30 people. The highlight of the beer bars are the girls, whether they are serving drinks, bar-dancing, or challenging the clientele to games like Connect Four and Jenga. There are several different beer bar areas, known as bar sois.

Soi Easy is the closest to the beach, and contains 25 bars to choose from. Aussie Bar and Dragon Club are the best of the lot. As to be expected, the Aussie Bar attracts numerous Australians. Australian food is served as well as Thai, and there are 20 large-screen TVs for sports-watching purposes. Dragon Club is known for its dancing girls and loud music.

Tiger’s Entertainment Complex contains Tiger Entertainment Bars, possibly the most popular soi in Patong. Located next to Tiger Discotheque, a high-energy adventure in itself, Sharky Bar is always full of people. Table-dancing girls, patrons, and beers to fuel the mayhem are always in abundance.

Slightly classier than some of the other bars along Bangla, the Margarita Bar is an open venue ideal for people-watching. It features the most extensive drink list on the island and different live bands every night, as well as a huge TV for sports fans.

Outside of Patong, the town of Phuket offers a handful of popular nightclubs, including Timberhut and KorTorMor. Timberhut is one of the oldest nightclubs in Phuket, and extremely crowded on the weekends. Timberhut features local Thai bands and DJs. KorTorMor is similar to Timberhut, although much larger. It attracts a varied clientele, ranging from locals and students to tourists and expatriates.

Around the corner from Surin Circle, Music Matters jazz bar is a well-kept Phuket secret. A laidback, open-air bar, Music Matters is much quieter than most of Phuket’s attractions. The owner plays jazz from his personal collection, and generally remains open as late as his customers feel like staying.

Whether your musical tastes run more toward disco, rock, or jazz, you will find the ideal club or bar in Phuket. No matter if your preference is for dancing girls or a mellow beach view, the establishments in Patong and the town proper have it covered. From a packed club to a comfortably furnished open bar, Phuket provides tourists and locals alike with enough atmospheric variety to guarantee an unforgettable night.

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