MBK (Mah Boon Krong) Bangkok Shopping Center

The MBK Center, or the Mahboonkrong Center, is one of the oldest shopping malls in Asia and was the largest of its kind when it opened in 1985. Located in the Pathum Wan district of Bangkok, this mega shopping center is 8 stories high and is complete with stores, restaurants, spas and salons as well as movie theaters.

With more than 100,000 daily visitors, the MBK Center is both a popular tourist attraction as well as a necessity to those who live in Bangkok. The more than 2,000 stores and services provide everything one could ever imagine or need all neatly housed under one air-conditioned roof.

The MBK Center is easily accessible via the second floor pedestrian bridge as well as from the Bangkok Skytrain and Siam Stations. The Hua Chang pier is also close by. Located on the southwest corner of Rama I Road and the Phaya Thai Road, the shopping structure is impossible to miss.

While not the newest and certainly not the fanciest, the MBK Center has an appeal all its own. The first three floors are dedicated to clothing and clothing accessories, cosmetics, jewelry and toys. The fourth floor is primarily where one would find all things electronic and the fifth floor houses the international food hall, a plethora of restaurants as well as photography and furniture shops and services. The sixth floor contains more food venues as well as souvenir shops. Floors seven and eight are reserved for entertainment. On these floors you’ll find movie theaters, karaoke, bowling and more.

Despite the mind-boggling array of goods, the MBK Center is one of the few where haggling is perfectly acceptable and even required. It is known as the place to get fabulous deals on all kinds of name brand equipment and items; if you can’t find it at the MBK Center you can’t find it anyplace.

To fully round out the shopping experience, the entire complex is anchored by the Tokyu department store. This four storied behemoth is the only one in Bangkok though it is very popular in Japan. Offering quality goods at reasonable prices, the department store even houses a supermarket on the top floor where the same level of goods and prices can be found.

Tourists are as common in the MBK Center as locals, and the center offers a discount card for tourists who apply for it at one of the information kiosks on either of the first two floors. This card allows the bearer discounts of up to 30% at select stores and restaurants.

The entire MBK Center encompasses 89,000 square meters and is not to be missed. Great deals, hard to find merchandise, bartering and fabulous entertainment options keep people coming back to this huge and fabulous complex.

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