Luxury Cruises of Phuket

Freedom of choice, ultimate privacy and a vacation steeped in surreal luxury are just some of the allures to a luxury cruise or yacht charter in Puhket. Offering a variety of boat types and amenities, a luxury cruise is the epitome of decadence for those who can afford it.

Different Vessels

From motor yachts to sailboats and even refurbished junk boats, luxury cruises departing from Phuket offer a world of choices. Sailboats have a particular appeal as they glide smoothly across the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. Aluminum schooners, refurbished racing yachts, catamarans and more, there is a yacht for everybody. Motor yachts are the height of luxury offering world-class dining, accommodations and more. Staying on a refurbished junk boat has its own appeal. These traditionally styled yachts offer more character and history without sacrificing any luxury.


When you charter a luxury yacht in Phuket you have the option to choose your destination or to simply choose no destination at all. Cruising the Andaman Sea or visiting any of the number if islands, the choice is yours. Yacht charters come with their own captain so relax and leave the driving to the captain.

All Inclusive

Striving to anticipate your every need, luxury yacht charters come complete with on board meals (often prepared by world-class chefs), drinks, activities and more. Most of the larger vessels are equipped with jet skis, snorkeling equipment, wide decks for sunning and some even have small pools or hot tubs on board. All of this is available to the guest as they enjoy each day to its fullest.


Luxury yacht charters offer the guest the pinnacle in comfort and opulence. Every single detail is meticulously chosen for quality, and these yachts are decorated by high-end designers who make use of the best of everything from linens to bathroom fixtures. Most yachts come with wi-fi as well as satellite television and many of the staterooms are outfitted with plasma televisions and docking stations for electronics. Staterooms have their own private bathrooms, and the interior area of the yachts is air conditioned for maximum comfort.


For those who are accustomed to stellar service, yacht charters from Phuket will not disappoint. On board staff is there to provide for your every need. From massages to bartending to maid service, nothing is overlooked. Each yacht has a crew that sees not only to the smooth operation of the vessel but to also provide you with the best possible cruising experience, ever.

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