Learning To Cook Thai Food in Bangkok

Learn To Cook Thai Food in Bangkok

Learning to cook Thai food in your own kitchen can be a daunting task for those who aren’t familiar with the range of exotic ingredients and spices that are typically used in Thai cuisine. However, a wide range of classes aimed at teaching a few Thai cuisine fundamentals to visitors and tourists have sprung up in Bangkok and are growing in popularity.

Taught by Professionals

Thai food can be wonderfully tasty, nutritious and lean, but learning how to master some Thai cuisine concepts is best done when taught by professionals. Many of the offered classes are taught by cooking school graduates or those who have learned via an apprenticeship beside masters. The different flavors, techniques and ingredients of Thai food will be explained along with the opportunity to sample a variety of dishes.

Classes in Hotels

Catering almost exclusively to the tourist, many of the larger hotels in Bangkok are offering cooking classes, with some even going so far as to offer an outdoor cooking experience on board a boat. Many of these classes begin at a local market where the student is introduced to the variety of ingredients used in Thai cooking.

Cooking Excursions

Thai cooking lessons are often combined with a variety of activities to offer the tourist a full day excursion. One such tour offers a ride on a traditional long-tail boat to an outlying area, a tour of the local market and then a cooking class in an open air kitchen. These hands-on cooking lessons are a favorite with tourists who get to combine an educational experience along with an exciting excursion.

Traditional Cooking School Classes

Small cooking classes are held at a traditional cooking school in Bangkok where you can learn the art of preparing Thai cuisine in a fully equipped Thai kitchen. These hands-on classes make full use of the resident experts who’ll have you cooking Thai food in no time.

Cook & Cruise

A variety of day or half day cruises are available to tourists that combine a peaceful cruise and a cooking lesson in one excursion. Learn how to master Thai cooking as you drift along on glassy water, sipping on a drink and then top your lesson off with the lunch that you just learned how to prepare. These cook & cruise options are gaining in popularity as they offer the best of both worlds.

Regardless of how or where you choose to take your cooking lesson, learning to cook Thai cuisine is best done when you are in the heart of Thailand with all the best ingredients at your fingertips. With a focus on both flavor and visual appeal, Thai food is among the most flavorful you’ll ever learn to cook.

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