Golf in Phuket - Courses, Lessons, Resorts + Holiday Packages

The secret is out. Golf on Phuket Island is quickly gaining in popularity as the international traveler looks for more remote and more exotic locations in which to combine a vacation with a golf holiday.

It is only on Phuket Island that you can find the best of all worlds including sun-kissed beaches, world-class cuisine, luxury accommodations, active nightlife, coral reef diving, and of course stunning golf courses. You truly can have it all.

Phuket offers the golf enthusiast a variety of courses. From casual play to the professional level, each course provides a different challenge and also a different scenic experience. Some courses overlook the ocean while others are dotted with gorgeous lagoons or lined with coconut trees. In every case, the intense azure of the sky meets the green of the fairways in a stunning example of exotic scenery.

Join such golf greats such as Tiger Woods who played the links at the Blue Canyon Golf Club where he won the Jonnie Walker Classic. This course is rated as one of the best in all of Asia and it’s no wonder: over 700 acres of pristinely landscaped property is home to two 18 hole golf courses from which to choose and the clubhouse is of world class caliber offering the best of everything.

The Red Mountain Golf Club is one of the island’s newest courses and like many of the others was designed by a master golf player. This particular course was built in harmony with the landscape around it. It is built over a long abandoned tin mine and twists languidly through the lush hills of Kathu.

Golf in Phuket is not just a sport or a pastime, it is an experience. In order to provide the most complete experience possible, there are myriad golf resorts on the island that combine a more traditional vacation with the pleasures of playing on some of the best courses the world has to offer.

Seldom ranked at less than five stars, each golf resort offers different features such as varied spa options, pools, restaurants, fitness facilities and more. Some resorts even offer ‘stay and play’ packages that combine a several night stay along with free or reduced fee green fees, complimentary spa services or included breakfasts.

One of the unique features of playing golf on Phuket is that all the caddies are women, and caddies are mandatory. Not only are these female caddies extremely knowledgeable but they offer your own personal cheering squad and where appropriate will commiserate with you over a missed shot.

Golf packages abound on Phuket. Combine a multi-night stay with all airport tranfers, transportation to your hotel and to the links, green fees, caddy fees and some meals. Of course the packages range from very simple to very elaborate, with prices to match.
For the not so experienced golfer, many of the golf clubs offer instruction and even some of the golf holiday packages combine some instruction if so desired. What could be better than brushing up on your stroke outside in the temperate tropical breeze, surrounded by exotic scenery and friendly Thai hospitality?

Phuket has risen to the challenge of providing a world class golf experience with your vacation experience with recently renovated properties, upgraded golf courses and five star accommodations. Take the extra step to Phuket for your next golf vacation and enjoy it all.

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