The Best Beaches + Islands Near Bangkok

While there are no beaches in the immediate vicinity of Bangkok, there are quite a few that are within a few hours distance and are accessible from Bangkok via car, train or bus. For those who can afford it, there are also private airports offering flight shuttles to the various beach destinations. All beaches are not created equal in Thailand, and depending on what you’re looking for it pays to do some research before making any decisions.

Hua Hin

One of the best and prettiest beaches close to Bangkok is Hua Hin. Referred to as the Thai Riviera, this area is a favorite weekend destination for those who live in the city or for tourists who are looking for a conventional beach vacation. The Hua Hin beach is within a three hour trip by car or rail, but it is well worth it for this is one of the cleanest and quietest beaches close to Bangkok.

The long white sandy beach runs along the length of the town, and despite its length it can become quite crowded especially during the weekends. Even so, this is a popular beach for families and retirees.

There are a variety of water sports available on the beach such as jet-skiing, snorkeling and kite boarding. The waves aren’t really suitable to surfing, but the opportunities for enjoying a good, clean beach are plenty.

Cha Am

Located in the Phetchaburi province of Thailand and only 200 kilometers south of Bangkok, Cha Am is an idyllic beach resort area. Cha Am became popular when nearby Hua Hin became the vacation area of choice for Thai royalty. Not long after the royal family remarked that Cha Am was equally beautiful did the area’s popularity grow.

One of the unique features of the Cha Am beach is the complete lack of bars along the beach front. Despite numerous restaurants, the lack of bars ensures that this beach remains relatively quiet in comparison with some other Thai beaches. What Cha Am does have is a long, white sandy beach that is often sparsely populated.

Pattaya Beach

Located in the Chonburi province of Thailand, Pattaya gained in popularity at the time of the Vietnam War when international troops chose this area for their leave time. Much has changed since those days; Pattaya is a cosmopolitan beach city that is home to every conceivable entertainment option, hotel chain, bar and restaurant.

People are drawn to Pattaya beach not for its pristine waters and silky sands of which it has neither, but rather to this lively city and beach where anything goes and everything is possible. Regardless of your budget, Pattaya Beach can provide sunny days of lounging on the beach and active, stimulating evenings filled with excitement.

Koh Samet Beaches

Koh Samet is an island located off the eastern coast of Thailand and is a popular destination for both the international tourist and residents of Bangkok looking to escape the city for weekends and holidays.

There are many beaches on the island, but Hat Sai Kaew, or Diamond Beach, is arguably the most beautiful and is one of the most popular. This family friendly beach is over one kilometer long and the crystal sands are perfect for lounging while the tranquil waters are ideal for swimming or any of the myriad sports available on the beach.

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